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Individual Sessions


Speech sound therapy involves teaching a client to correctly produce speech sounds required for intelligible speech. A speech sound assessment will reveal speech sound errors and/or patterns of error that are not typical for a client's age.


Language therapy may focus on any of the 5 areas of language: Receptive, Expressive, Sound Combinations, Grammar or Social Communication.  A language evaluation will examine a client's understanding, expression, word and sentence combinations, and pragmatic use of language.


Motor planning therapy targets the sequencing, coordinating and executing of the motor plans required for intelligible speech production. A motor planning assessment will detail the characteristics of a client's speech sound repertoire, as well as any other associated features of the overall speech production. 


Voice therapy involves teaching a client to use his, her, or their voice in a healthy manner. It works to eliminate a hoarse, strained, or raspy voice.  It may also focus on reducing yelling, shouting, excessive talking, inefficient breath support, or chronic throat clearing. 


Stuttering therapy includes working with both client and family to promote smooth, effortless, and forward flowing speech. Fluency therapy may be appropriate for children as young as 2-4 years of age who are beginning to demonstrate disfluencies, as well older individuals who are affected by disfluencies on a regular basis.


Reading, writing, and spelling based therapy ensures that our clients have the foundational sound awareness and knowledge skills required for efficient and effective use and understanding of printed language. It also targets decoding, producing, and understanding written language.


Feeding therapy focuses on building trust and relationships with infants and children who have difficulties sucking, chewing, or swallowing for medical or sensory-based reasons. This therapy may work on the oral motor skills required for eating and drinking. It may also target expanding a client's food repertoire to include a variety of tastes, textures, smells and temperatures.

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Social Dyads & Small Groups


Once a client is ready to work on his, her or their social communication skills with peers, we can organize a social dyad or small group out in the community. We incorporate favorite, motivating activities for everyone. The possibilities and opportunities for real life learning are endless!


If it is appropriate and we have the support of the family and private school staff, we can work with a client and his, her or their peers during the school day. These social dyads or small groups need to be coordinated with the classroom teacher.

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