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For an interactive experience full of activities, read alouds, and sensory breaks, check out Erica's virtual classroom!

Our daily affirmations are much needed for our kids and families during this time! All kids, especially those with different needs, have a "daily bucket" that needs to be filled. We hope these slides create a moment during your day to connect with your kids and "fill their bucket"! Click here to see our adapted version.


Coming Soon!


The pandemic of 2020 has resulted in different expectations surrounding the school environment. These social stories are related to situations that may arise at school during COVID-19.

Cooking is a wonderful way to practice speech and language goals in a natural activity. Accessible Chef houses a library of visual recipes to try out at home!


This is a comprehensive list of apps supporting literacy, broken down by skill or target area. (We have not tried them all!)

Dr. Pam Kastner is a leader and expert in reading and literacy. She is an educational consultant and researcher who works to bridge the gap between the science of reading and daily, practical skills. She has compiled a list of her "Top Ten (Brief) Science of Reading Videos".


It's more important than ever to work in breaks throughout the day to move our bodies, and give our eyes and mind a short rest. Click here for suggestions for "Brain Breaks".

Please email us if you'd like suggestions from our OT colleagues for ways to incorporate sensory paths and movement into your day!


Attention, planning, initiating, prioritizing, managing, and organizing are executive functioning skills that are involved in all aspects of daily life. The OT Toolbox has shared these ideas, tools and resources to work on executive functioning skills. ​

Our colleague, Katie, specializes in executive functioning. Check out her practice Imagination Therapy, LLC to learn more!


Does your child's IEP contain a Parent Input Statement? Here are some ideas from a special education advocate.

Contact us if you'd like our support preparing for your child's IEP meeting!

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